What We Deliver Section

Speed: Given our flat and small organization, we have the ability to move quickly through complex situations.

Certainty: We do what we say we will do. Our desire is to be the best partner we can be, and that starts with providing certainty to our executives.

Patience: Our Family’s capital base is permanent and flexible as it is not beholden to any outside investors. We believe that patient and flexible capital provides businesses with the best opportunity to build scale in their industry.

Expertise: Through decades of investing we have built expertise in certain areas as well as industry relationships that we consider to be one of our core assets. The expertise and relationships are fundamental to how we think about opportunities in any vertical.

Alignment: We are dogmatic about alignment with our partners and management teams. We believe that long-term business building where we are closely aligned with our partners is the best path for success and we have taken that approach for over 60 years.