Who We Are Section

TPO is neither a private equity fund nor a traditional family office. Our legacy has put us in a position to use our Family’s capital to grow businesses of all sizes in a range of industries with a focus on our passion of building long-term platform investments. Our Family’s permanent capital base allows us to invest in companies for a long period of time which underpins our buy to build strategy as opposed to a traditional private equity model of buying to sell – buying to build is a philosophy we have had since inception. TPO’s unique history over the last 60 years has led to work on ~200 transactions representing ~$30 billion of equity value, which has provided us with the experience to navigate nearly every situation. TPO is led by Tom Pritzker who has worked at the firm for more than 30 years.

The TPO team has the agility and experience to diligence opportunities and design transactions to fit the needs of stakeholders. Our goal is to acquire positions that enable us to team up with Management to build companies. The benefits we enjoy from our Family’s permanent capital base include:

Long hold periods to compound value free of transactional friction costs and to invest for long-term value creation

A strong focus with deep expertise on maximizing after-tax returns for our partners and ourselves

Agile and flexible processes which allow for speed and certainty for our partners and counterparties