NationsBenefits is a leading supplemental benefits company that partners with managed care organizations to provide innovative healthcare solutions aimed at driving growth, improving outcomes, reducing costs, and delighting members. We surpass traditional benefit designs by taking a consultative approach to understanding each valued client’s objectives, and we offer customized programs that can be targeted or scaled to effectively engage members who have diverse needs. With our compliance-focused infrastructure, technology, care continuum and best-in-class service delivery model, health plans can depend on our company to maximize the value-based care delivered to millions of people who deserve a better quality of life.


Terravet is an investment vehicle designed to acquire the underlying real estate supporting veterinary practices and hospitals. As pet ownership and spending increases in the U.S., veterinary service providers act as attractive tenants for investors. Terravet’s management team is uniquely positioned to source and manage these properties due to deep industry knowledge and expertise.

Sterling Talent Solutions

Sterling Talent Solutions is the third-largest and fastest-growing provider of pre-employment screening solutions in the U.S. Core products include criminal background checks, verification of credentials (including prior employment and education), and facilitation of drug screening.

Omni Logistics

Omni Logistics is a leading non-asset based, technology-enabled provider of specialized and international 3PL and 4PL solutions. Omni specializes in domestic and international freight forwarding, e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, and value-added services for time-sensitive and mission-critical freight.

Lit Communities

Lit Communities is a broadband advisory firm that specializes in working with municipalities to plan and structure their future connectivity. Lit’s partnership with these municipalities has positioned them to provide a Lit-owned last mile fiber to the home offering in the communities where a public private partnership fits the community.

Grubb Properties

Grubb Properties, founded in 1963, is a vertically integrated real estate operating company based in the southeastern United States with $400 million invested in approximately $1 billion of properties. It creates exceptional real estate environments and provides premier customer service for residents and tenants through the repositioning of office buildings and the development of multifamily… Continue reading Grubb Properties

Investment which supports startups created by, a studio for building companies focused on commercial applications of artificial intelligence. Led by tech entrepreneurs with a track record of building large, valuable analytics businesses, leverages shared resources (data scientists, codebase, infrastructure) to develop ideas into products, and products into companies.

Floating Point

Floating Point is a “concentrated and active” venture fund. Floating Point funds and builds companies in complex industries like healthcare and insurance by combining traditional assets with new technology.


Financeit is a free-to-use platform that makes it easy for businesses to offer powerful financing options to their customers from any device. The company provides financing solutions through a safe and secure platform that traditionally were only available to big box retailers. The Financeit brand is defined by its commitment to fairness, transparency and ease-of-use,… Continue reading Financeit


Dataminr senses critical events as they happen and alerts professionals in news, finance, public sector, corporate security and communications faster than traditional sources.