Pikus 3D, LLC Announces Investments From Baker Concrete Inc. & Lithko Contracting, LLC

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July 06, 2021 11:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pikus 3D, LLC, the premier commercial construction 3D concrete printing provider is pleased to announce that on 06/30/2021 the company received significant investments from the nation’s leading concrete construction companies—Baker Concrete Inc. and Lithko Contracting, LLC.

Baker Concrete is the largest concrete contractor in the country and specializes in pre-construction, construction, and project management services. Baker provides expertise in civil, commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-family residential, and mission-critical buildings. Baker has over 5,500 coworkers operating across the United States as well as Canada and the Caribbean.

Lithko is a market-leading, full-service commercial concrete contractor specializing in the execution of walls, tilt-ups, structural frames, slabs, super flats, site work, foundations, and pre-construction services. Lithko has over 4,000 coworkers serving over 550 clients across 20 geographic regions. Lithko has a unique local service model designed to keep coworkers close to home and create exceptional customer service in each town.

Rob Pikus, Pikus 3D Managing Partner, said, “Being able to collaborate with these industry leaders will allow us to continue to transform concrete construction through speed of design, creativity, and the ability to alleviate skilled labor constraints.”

Dan Baker, Founder of Baker Concrete Inc., said, “Pikus 3D is at the forefront of the industry. For over 50 years, Baker has invested in innovative products and new technologies that allow us to build better structures and continue supporting our coworkers and customers.”

Pikus 3D has been a leader in 3D concrete printing since 2018 and has built their capabilities through a partnership with Sika, an $8 billion global construction material and solutions provider known for innovative cementitious material solutions and patented printing technology for 3D printing applications. This advanced technology paves the way for new methods that maximize how concrete is used in landscape architecture, building facades, and structural concrete components.

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